Irma and the D’Coalpot BVI

September 11th, 2017 – Hurricane Irma blasted the BVI. Looking back, it has been quite a year. We moved to Carrot Bay into our new home after much delay.

Then Irma hit in September, a storm like none other. The eye of the hurricane passed over Carrot Bay providing a short period for people to reassess their situations.

Thank God it was daytime and we had the time to move, as the second half of Irma was like nothing anyone has ever experienced.

180 mph sustained winds with gusts over 225 mph for 2 hours, buildings groaning and then destroyed. Giant truck shipping containers flying like paper, words do not do justice.

Waves were estimated to be 45 feet tall during the same horrific time, with the angry ocean smashing into the North West shore of Tortola.

The Apple Bay, Carrot Bay and Cane Garden Bay residential valleys were flooded with up 10 feet of water, hundreds of feet in from the shore line. Imagine cars flooded in Apple Bay’s school parking lot!

Many homes were damaged with roofs, doors and windows blown out by water and wind. Neighbors helping neighbors helped keep everyone alive.

Our building miraculously suffered only minor structural damages loosing our shade roof over the upstairs lounge. The kitchen, dining rooms and bar not so good, water flooded the whole first floor of our building pretty much.

No electricity and running water made for a tough recovery, but we managed to get the kitchen up and running within weeks, so that on November 24th we were able to start serving food!

After the rebuild from the storm damages, we had our grand opening in January; better and stronger that before. Every day is a blessing.

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