Mother’s Day Menu

We are celebrating Mothers Day with a special menu offering, first seating is at noon, please call 545-6510 for reservations today. Enjoy Mothers Day by the sea.

Conch Fritters $11.00
Served with a Caribbean sauce

Garlic Mussels $ 9.00
Sautéed in white wine and garlic lemon butter.

Calamari Salad $14.00
Fresh green salad with Asian smoked calamari.
Seafood Chowder

Breast of Chicken Stuffed with Spinach & Plantain $26.00
Garlic Mash potatoes sautéed veggies and Cole slaw

Roast Beef $24.00
With mushroom sauce s/with bake potato vegetables and fried plantain

Grilled Jerk Rubbed Pork Chop topped with fresh mango chutney $26.00
Marinated in Jamaican jerk spices and flame grilled; served with peas and rice Cole slaw and fried plantain

8oz Char Grilled Black Angus New York Strip Steak $29.00
Hand cut, char grilled and topped with sautéed mushroom & onions

BBQ Baby Back Ribs $25.00
Rack of succulent Baby Back ribs smothered in our house blend Spicy BBQ sauce

Grilled Salmon $30.00
Grilled and topped with a creamy dill sauce, served with garlic mash, Sautéed vegetables & fried plantain

Grilled Mahi Mahi $28.00
topped with fresh mango salsa, served with rice plantain and coleslaw…

Stir Tofu Pasta $20.00
Fresh vegetables, tofu and linguini pasta stir fried.

Coconut Curry Tofu $22.00
Jasmine white rice, sautéed vegetables and fried plantain

Vegan Plate; gluten free $20.00
Rice of the day fried plantain steamed vegetables and salad

NY Cheese cake
Key Lime Pie
Chocolate Cake

Say Hello to Paco

Irma brought a lot of damage and heartache to the island of Tortola and our restaurant, but it also brought Paco to D’Coalpot BVI.

Paco had come to Tortola around the year 2000. In 2010, the wonderful woman who cared for him moved on and left Paco to Chef Evelyn’s niece. She moved also after Irma and Paco came to live at D’Coalpot BVI.

Paco is a Orange winged Amazon Parrot or in it’s native breeding areas of South America he is called Loro Guaro. To learn more about Paco and Parrots, follow this link to the World Parrot Trust.

Say hello to Paco as you enter D’Coalpot BVI, he likes company!

Carrot Sunsets

D’Coalpot BVi is located on the Atlantic Ocean in Carrot Bay on the waterfront. Our dining room offers great seats to catch a Caribbean sunset in full display.

Come relax and enjoy the beautiful views, order a cold drink and nibble on some tasty sides. Watch the sun go down during your dinner.

D’CoalPot BVI – Tortola’s West End Restaurant, Bar and Grill.

Irma and the D’Coalpot BVI

September 11th, 2017 – Hurricane Irma blasted the BVI. Looking back, it has been quite a year. We moved to Carrot Bay into our new home after much delay.

Then Irma hit in September, a storm like none other. The eye of the hurricane passed over Carrot Bay providing a short period for people to reassess their situations.

Thank God it was daytime and we had the time to move, as the second half of Irma was like nothing anyone has ever experienced.

180 mph sustained winds with gusts over 225 mph for 2 hours, buildings groaning and then destroyed. Giant truck shipping containers flying like paper, words do not do justice.

Waves were estimated to be 45 feet tall during the same horrific time, with the angry ocean smashing into the North West shore of Tortola.

The Apple Bay, Carrot Bay and Cane Garden Bay residential valleys were flooded with up 10 feet of water, hundreds of feet in from the shore line. Imagine cars flooded in Apple Bay’s school parking lot!

Many homes were damaged with roofs, doors and windows blown out by water and wind. Neighbors helping neighbors helped keep everyone alive.

Our building miraculously suffered only minor structural damages loosing our shade roof over the upstairs lounge. The kitchen, dining rooms and bar not so good, water flooded the whole first floor of our building pretty much.

No electricity and running water made for a tough recovery, but we managed to get the kitchen up and running within weeks, so that on November 24th we were able to start serving food!

After the rebuild from the storm damages, we had our grand opening in January; better and stronger that before. Every day is a blessing.

D’Coalpot BVI Little Apple Bay

About 5 years ago D’Coalpot BVI opened its doors on Zion Hill in Apple Bay across the street from the school. Here are a couple of pictures of our original restaurant.

Below are a couple of our first logos, times flys…so much happens

Call 545-6510 and reserve a table at our new location in Carrot Bay!

Taking a Look at Sides

Coleslaw – fresh made in our kitchen; cabbage, carrots and raisins and a little magic.

Plantain – fried, browned and tender, mouth watering delicious.

Not a side, but our Calamari Salad appetizer is  smoked calamari over a bed of lettuce, a tasty treat before dinner.

D’Coalpot BVI, we take pride in our sides.
in fact, a table could be waiting, call 545-6510 for reservations with a side of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean! Seaside fine dining at D’Coalpot BVI.